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Wing Dinner


10 bone-in wings, coleslaw, fries, & carrot sticks

Wings Flavors (Select 1):BBQ Carolina Gold Garlic Parmesan Honey Mustard Hot Lemon Pepper Mild Spicy Lemon Pepper Sweet & Tangy Sweet Heat BBQ Naked (No Sauce)
Dipping Sauce (Ranch/Blue Cheese) (Select up to 2):Blue Cheese Ranch
Dinner Drink (Select 1):Sweet Tea Unsweet Tea Lemonade Arnold Palmer
Dinner Side Substitution (Optional):Baked Beans +$1.25Potato Salad +$1.25Mac & Cheese +$1.25Texas Toast +$0.50Double Fries (no additional charge)
Additional Sauces (Optional):BBQ +$0.49Blue Cheese +$0.49Buffalo +$0.49Chipotle Ranch +$0.49Honey Mustard +$0.49House +$0.49Ranch +$0.49Red Pepper Jam +$0.49